Friday, January 30, 2009

But...Isn't Fat Bad For You?

Gathering family around the dining room table is becoming an exception rather than the rule. Growing up there wasn't an option, we all sat down and discussed the days events; good, bad or otherwise. If you have troops all over the compound, try to round them up starting at least 1 night a week and see what happens. You'll be amazed what you hear and how much better you feel afterwards. The kids need to learn the ropes as well, get them involved at an early age with shopping, prepping, cooking, serving and doing the dishes which is another lost art. Give the dishwasher a break, someone grab the dish rag and everyone get a drying towel and practice your TEAMWORK.

Snippet from Jen McLagan's book on FAT. I get this quesiton from students quite often because it's beat into people by the media, ADA, government and other interest groups that FAT is bad. There are bad fats out there but educate yourself on what IS and ISN'T . _ RP Click here for rest of article

" It's also how we relate to our food. We consume large portions of prepared foods, huge portions. Food is relatively cheap: We spend less than 10 percent of our income on it. Consequently, we don't value it. Many see it simply as fuel or a medicine, not a pleasure. Because people have become so disconnected from their food, they fear it and continually break it down into good and bad elements.
There's also a widespread myth that making food from scratch takes too much time and is expensive. It may not always be quicker, but it is better for you and cheaper when all the costs are considered.

If we cooked our food, sat down at a table with friends and family and enjoyed eating it, we would be healthier, happier and probably thinner. "

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