Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The One That Got Away

Back from opening weekend at Possum Walk with plenty of venison but unfortunetly, not from anything I harvested. Had my chance at a nice 8-pointer but the short story is... I jacked it up. Better luck was had by DP, Okie and Alec Dean who bagged his first Whitetail Sunday afternoon. I'll be back in the timber Friday for Round 2 and hopefully a different outcome.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 GSB Holiday Gathering

First post since holiday season last year so plenty to catch up on but most importantly... Annual GSB Holiday Gathering will take place Thursday Dec. 16th at 810 Zone Plaza location.

On the topic of "catching up" ... One of our fellow brethern has been chasing his waistline since this time last year. GSB Geoff has dedicated himself to clean eating and Bootcamp Fitness with awesome results. A lot has changed for him... Inches, Pounds, Energy, Attitude and overall "KickAssNess". Congrats !!
Next up on the docket... Possum Walk Whitetails. Heading to the farm at O'Crack Thirty tomorrow in search of the elusive Wall Hanger Deluxe. Weather front pushing in overnight with temps dropping so they should be moving along with the Rut hitting full steam. Can't wait for the swelled necks and moist noses. Junior GSB from the Liberty Chapter will be in search of his first deer this year. They got him outfitted with a new .243 shootin' iron and sure he hasn't let it out of sight since bringing it home. Uncle Kunky took out a local youngster, Tanner during youth season 2 weekends ago and they bagged the boys first deer. Once his feet finally hit the ground after confirming he made a good shot said to Kunky ... "this is better than Christmas" ... That's what you call Buck Fever. I whipped up some jerky from the kill and been snacking on it this week. Nothing like fresh venison to get you pumped for more.

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