Friday, December 19, 2008

Safe Travels

Tis the season for travel. Momma always said "you boys be careful" but to a 16 yr old on his way to a long night of muddy back roads, terrace jumpin' and Tom Ross cop slides, the chances of that were slim to none. Guess it eventually sunk in, nowadays my goodbyes are always followed up with a dose of "be careful".

Rutman and Fast Eddie Phillips logging some windsheild time Irish Style, northbound from Kinsale to Killarney.

9th annual GSB Holiday rug-cuttin took place last night. Freezing rain held some boys close to home but pleased to see many regulars and... "staple your head to the carpet" shocked to see one of the GSB Founding Fathers glide thru the door. Sure nuff, GSB Gilrodd made an appearance. Love that guy.

Pleased to announce pledge conversions last night; GSB Tebbe who will be heading up the new Lees Summit chapter. Along with GSB Mikey the Travel Agent. Congrats!! Real pleasure having you on the best rickshaw ride west of the Muddy Miss.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Was Your Day Productive?

It's a routine of mine upon awaking each morning to analyze the past nights sleep. How many hours? were they quality? how many times did I wake up? how quick did I go back down? Last night in particular I woke up only 1 time due to the fact Coco had managed to wedge herself beside me so far, I was in danger of doing an endo right off the bed. But all in all a good 8 hours worth of sleep, but got me thinking. We spend a solid 1/3 of our life sleeping which is by all means neccesary for body repair, cell replenishment, heart rest and general downtime for the cabbage.

Now that you've got the rack-time logged, what do you do with the hours you have remaining? Strive to squeeze every single mintue for something worthwhile and most of all satisfying. When the day's winding down ask yourself "Do I have any regrets?"

I ran across this site yesterday and recommend checking out the blog post from Craig Weller of Barefoot Fitness in Spearfish, SD

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fuel Up

Today will conclude my first month of M-W-F evening weight training. On those double-up days with Bootcamp in the morning, it's hard to get enough fuel in the tank. I've ramped up intake and thrown in some additional carbs which has helped along with a post-workout dose of Surge. To quote Coach Rut "tastes like cake frosting" Stuff is gooood and gooood for you, get some at T-Nation. Great articles and pics as well.

Weekends are rest time and nothing goes better with kicking back than a pint of your favorite suds. Got turned onto Odell's IPA and the GSB icebox has been stocked since. For those chilly days, nothing beats the thick stuff. No doubt any Guinness is good Guinness but when you're knocking back pints in Lahinch, Ireland they taste like no other.

Props to our NWMSU Bearcats. Hosting North Alabama in the D-II semi-finals tomorrow. Good luck.

Heading out to Arrowhead for Big 12 Championship with GSB Red from the South Leawood chapter

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rico Spotting

It goes without saying... Bootcamp hasn't been quite the same since Rico went MIA. Word thru the grapevine, he's pursuing his culinary passion with a quaint little bistro and lounge. I expect the backroom is filled with barbells and jump ropes.

Monday, December 1, 2008

ToadHoller IronWorks

ToadHoller IronWorks

Trip back home for Turkey Day. Surprise of the day courtesy uncle Kunk who grilled up some fat-back wrapped venison loins to accompany the bird and ham. Throw some of momma Jill's corn-oyster dressing on the side and you gotta recipie for naptime.
Spent Friday morning bumping (drinking coffee and telling stories) around the shop. Ironworks is fabricating a new pullup structure for our Box in the city. Needless to say we got numerous opinions and hairy eyeballs from the locals. Never thought I'd see the day but Rowdy Yates sold Land O' Lakes and retired this year. Not to worry, he kept fishing rites but needing a place to call home, he purchased a piece of ground behind the shop and erected a new shed.

Sign based off Grandpa Neils old truck

Rowdy's new home away from home