Monday, December 1, 2008

ToadHoller IronWorks

ToadHoller IronWorks

Trip back home for Turkey Day. Surprise of the day courtesy uncle Kunk who grilled up some fat-back wrapped venison loins to accompany the bird and ham. Throw some of momma Jill's corn-oyster dressing on the side and you gotta recipie for naptime.
Spent Friday morning bumping (drinking coffee and telling stories) around the shop. Ironworks is fabricating a new pullup structure for our Box in the city. Needless to say we got numerous opinions and hairy eyeballs from the locals. Never thought I'd see the day but Rowdy Yates sold Land O' Lakes and retired this year. Not to worry, he kept fishing rites but needing a place to call home, he purchased a piece of ground behind the shop and erected a new shed.

Sign based off Grandpa Neils old truck

Rowdy's new home away from home

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, IronWorks has made the World Wide Web? Wait 'til Bill Gates gets ahold of this - he'll be in amazement! And well, of course, if he wants the seafood dressing recipe, it's on its way...