Friday, December 19, 2008

Safe Travels

Tis the season for travel. Momma always said "you boys be careful" but to a 16 yr old on his way to a long night of muddy back roads, terrace jumpin' and Tom Ross cop slides, the chances of that were slim to none. Guess it eventually sunk in, nowadays my goodbyes are always followed up with a dose of "be careful".

Rutman and Fast Eddie Phillips logging some windsheild time Irish Style, northbound from Kinsale to Killarney.

9th annual GSB Holiday rug-cuttin took place last night. Freezing rain held some boys close to home but pleased to see many regulars and... "staple your head to the carpet" shocked to see one of the GSB Founding Fathers glide thru the door. Sure nuff, GSB Gilrodd made an appearance. Love that guy.

Pleased to announce pledge conversions last night; GSB Tebbe who will be heading up the new Lees Summit chapter. Along with GSB Mikey the Travel Agent. Congrats!! Real pleasure having you on the best rickshaw ride west of the Muddy Miss.

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