Friday, December 5, 2008

Fuel Up

Today will conclude my first month of M-W-F evening weight training. On those double-up days with Bootcamp in the morning, it's hard to get enough fuel in the tank. I've ramped up intake and thrown in some additional carbs which has helped along with a post-workout dose of Surge. To quote Coach Rut "tastes like cake frosting" Stuff is gooood and gooood for you, get some at T-Nation. Great articles and pics as well.

Weekends are rest time and nothing goes better with kicking back than a pint of your favorite suds. Got turned onto Odell's IPA and the GSB icebox has been stocked since. For those chilly days, nothing beats the thick stuff. No doubt any Guinness is good Guinness but when you're knocking back pints in Lahinch, Ireland they taste like no other.

Props to our NWMSU Bearcats. Hosting North Alabama in the D-II semi-finals tomorrow. Good luck.

Heading out to Arrowhead for Big 12 Championship with GSB Red from the South Leawood chapter

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