Friday, December 12, 2008

Was Your Day Productive?

It's a routine of mine upon awaking each morning to analyze the past nights sleep. How many hours? were they quality? how many times did I wake up? how quick did I go back down? Last night in particular I woke up only 1 time due to the fact Coco had managed to wedge herself beside me so far, I was in danger of doing an endo right off the bed. But all in all a good 8 hours worth of sleep, but got me thinking. We spend a solid 1/3 of our life sleeping which is by all means neccesary for body repair, cell replenishment, heart rest and general downtime for the cabbage.

Now that you've got the rack-time logged, what do you do with the hours you have remaining? Strive to squeeze every single mintue for something worthwhile and most of all satisfying. When the day's winding down ask yourself "Do I have any regrets?"

I ran across this site yesterday and recommend checking out the blog post from Craig Weller of Barefoot Fitness in Spearfish, SD


Bill said...

Great post, great link. Thanks!

Gabi said...

RP, are you a NWMSU alumni?

1992 MBA from few people from Crossfit HR know where Maryville is located :)

Gabi from Crossfit Hampton Rds

RP said...

Gabi, Yep NWMSU grad circa 1996 and a native...grew up country style about 10 miles from Maryville.

Thanks for stopping by the Shed. If you're around KC, stop in for a Bootcamp WOD served up Coach Rut style. Take Care, RP