Monday, January 19, 2009

Bowl O' Goodies

I get a couple extra ZZZZ's on Saturday mornings combined with the fact it's a rest day (5 on / 2 off), I typically change up my morning fueling. Usually post-Bootcamp meal at 0700 hrs consists of eggs, meat, veggies, milk, sweet taters but rest days I like me some jacked up oatmeal.

McCann's has a quick cook version that's great for 3min oatmeal. Fire it up and when the bell dings and it's flammin hot, throw in some yogurt, berries and scoop of protien powder and it's Eat Time.

Check out the Eat Time DVD masterminded by Coach Rut and Wolfman. Great tips on shopping, prep'ing, cooking, etc...

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Anonymous said...

Good lookin' bowl that meal is being served in, too.