Friday, April 18, 2008

Hillbilly Yacht Club

Ol' boy Huck Finn's got nothing on this guy. Glad to see he's installed the optional rope up on the poop deck, afterall... safety is top priority.

No Time for Breakfast?

During my blog rota this week, I came across a post from a troubled individual. Make a long story short...there's just no time for a quality breakfast and couldn't imagine having time to cook eggs. Not sure how this individual is trying to cook eggs but it must be somewhere north of rocket science.

A quick, healty breakfast may be one of the most simple tasks you can accomplish in the kitchen. Equip yourself with a few basics and you're ready to roll. The local resturant supply store (no it's not just for professionals) is a gold mine where you can find quality, functional, and affordable items. You'll pay a fraction of the fancy retail store price not to mention a better prodcut.

Here's what the GSB kitchen always has at the ready; 8" Lincoln Wear-Ever coated fry pan, small silicone spatula, 8" Victorinox chefs knife. With those 3 items ($35 dollars total) you can whip up anything this side of Toad Holler. Cut up your leftover protien from the previous nights dinner, add some fresh veggies, couple eggs, olive oil, salt/pepper and 5 minutes later, Eat Time.

Another helpful hint...take your knives to the local cutlery shop when they stop cutting like a razor. For $5 each, you'll thank me later.


jenny said...

LOL.. that looks like something I would spend my vacation on!

RP said...

That's how we roll where I come from. Hope your 1/2 went well Saturday.

Katie said...

RP- I have a whole email full of photos like that... and that's the sort of stuff I get to see when I leave the "big city" and head back home to PA. In fact, I'm headed that way this weekend... I can't wait. ;)

RP said...

Nothing more relaxing than seeing the city out your rearview mirror !! Have fun.