Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grow Your Own

Along with spring comes garden time. I've always had some kind of garden regardless of where I lived or what area was available. Living in a loft apartment it was simple as container herbs or patio potted plants when I moved to a condo with a balcony. I'm fortunute now to have plenty of green space in my backyard and take advantage of it by planting some table favorites. Tomatos, green beans, peppers, spinich, lettuce, herbs are just a few of the headliners. Nothing beats an heirloom tomato with a little kosher salt and pepper.

Walking out the back door to collect your veggies is a great feeling. Now if I can just convince my homeowners assoc. to approve livestock, I'll have it made.

Check out this link from the Times on backyard grub.


Katie said...

What? No Zucchini and yellow squash? I have learned via the Zone that I actually really like yellow squash... especially on the grill. As Rachel Ray says some yellow squash, a little EVOO, some salt, pepper, some roasted garlic and a nice hot grill make part of a tasty dinner... ;)

You can also add on a little bit of thyme too... yum!

RP said...

Yes, I do plant green and yellow squash. Nothing better than grilled veggies with a nice KC Strip. Have you tried Coconut Oil? If not, give it a shot. My coach turned me on to it recently, health benefits are great. EVOO is still my fav but always good to mix things up.

Katie said...

Hadn't heard of the coconut oil... I'll have to give that a go. My birthday present to myself last year was a grill. I actually put it together and everything and didn't blow anything up! :) It is now my best friend. Kabobs are my hands down favorite! :)