Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2008 NCAA Champions

Congrats to the Kansas Jayhawks and their 2008 National Championship
One of the best played and coached games by both teams. It held up to all the expectations and more. Coach Bill Self chalked an incredible game plan and the boys executed as such. The ability to pound the ball inside and wear down the bigs from Memphis was a key factor late in the game. You could see the frontline for Memphis wearing their exhaustion on their sleeves.

I predicted the need for KU to play some portion of zone to not only provide a different look but also to slow down the penetration of Rose and CDR. Late in the second half, the Memphis back court found their grove and quickly Coach Self recognized it. Their first effort with the box-n-one was not the answer but Coach Self quickly moved to a 1-2-2 with Rush covering the point. The confusion on Memphis part was evident and I mark that as a big turning point in the game.

This was truly a team effort and shows what's possible when you have kids playing the game for all the right reasons. They never gave up and left us all with something to remember forever.


Katie said...

Nice to see you on my page! I agree about the game. I only saw the tail end of it, but what a great effort! Kinda reminds me of some CrossFitters I know. The term 'balls to the wall' comes to mind. I'm glad you enjoy my sense of humor. :) Feel free to drop by again! You can join the kult. ;)

RP said...

Indeed, I have you on my daily blog rota already. Tool Shed is always open to fellow arse kickers.