Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Outta The Tool Shed

Sorry for the lack of posts, been locked down in the Tool Shed for a couple months but we're back online now. Busy time of year as we're gearing up for opening day at Possum Walk and numerous holiday parties, etc... Some updates below. Hopefully be adding some pictures of our own take after this weekend.

* I've spent the last couple weekends up in Possum Walk building stands, meat poles, scouting, watching Hezzy drink coffee and mostly enjoying being around home. Momma Jill cooked up a batch of ham/beans that I'm still thinking about. Opening day is this Saturday 14th and I'm hoping that 10 point bruiser I spotted on Halloween is still checking scrapes at 5pm this Saturday. Been looking at this picture daily since then. Cuz Tanner bagged himself one during youth season.

South Luke's Place. Bruiser was checking scrape runs and sporting 10pt headgear

Cuz's 9pt. Halloween beauty

* Rocket alumni Dave Fast is a member of the Midwest Whitetail Pro Team. Check out their website for some great tips, videos and discussion.

* GSB Sails from the Amourdale Chapter has officially taken over one of the guest rooms in the Tool Shed. He's handy as hell to have around, came with another black dog for the kennel and will cook up the meanest road-kill BBQ you've ever tasted.

"Soupy" Sails

* The current Tool Shed location is for sale so HQ will be moving this winter if things go well. New place is sure to have some combination of; buried school bus, artillery, flags, drawbridge, canned goods, shooting range and flood lighting.

* Worked in a couple runs this fall with our Bootcamp crew. Royals 5K Run for charity with Shumway, HC and Coach. Kansas City Half Marathon with HC and TP.

RP, Shumway, HC, Coach / Royals 5K Run

* GSB Holiday Sit Down in scheduled for Thursday December 17th. Invites went out today with details. 10th Anniversary so we're expecting a big turnout !!

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