Monday, November 30, 2009

Meat On The Table

There's not much more of a satisfying feeling than setting down to chow on something you harvested. Be it, veggies from the garden nutured from seed or fish snagged down at the pond. Last night at the Tool Shed it was deer loin from Hickory Ridge. Needless to say, based on my futile efforts during this season, it was pulled from the freezer but nonetheless.
I had 1 whole loin left from last year and decided to marinate a half for grilling and use the other half for stroganoff. Whipped up a concoction with liquid smoke, butt rub, garlic salt, black pepper, olive oil and red wine. Soaked in a trash bag (yes) for 24 hours and threw it on a hot Weber grill that roomie had stoked with lump charcoal and hickory chunks. 20 mins and 125 degrees later (overcooked venison is not tasty, use your thermometer and pull it around 120-125 and let set for 10 mins). Just mighta been the best backstrap ever fired up at the Tool Shed. Roomie and I did our best to polish off the entire 1/2 loin with the exception of a small chunk on the end which Lila taste tested (without approval) to her pleasure by the way she was licking her chops.

Deer loin with horseradish sauce and side of sausage/shrimp jambalaya

Not wanting to give up on the amazing weather, we had the fire pit goin all weekend. Great moon light and surprise visit by a special guest on Saturday. Good friends always welcome around the Tool Shed!!

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