Monday, November 16, 2009

Opening Weekend

Touched down at the Tool Shed around 8:30 last night. Had a great weekend with the crew at Possum Walk. Didn't poke Mr. Big yet but had plenty of activity around to keep me occupied. Spent majority of my time overlooking the north bedding area and ditch on Russell's place. Hezzy and 10-Speed were able to bag theirs on Saturday morning which resulted in extra nap time for those boys. Scott the Fireman stopped by Saturday afternoon with a nice 13-pointer sporting matching stickers on each side. Great looking buck and will certainly have a place on his wall in Florida.

Let the dust settle from a busy weekend and hopefully they'll be calmed down when I head back up later this week.

Saturday morning harvest. Hezzy's appears to be related to his wall-hanger from 5 yrs ago.

Scott the Fireman with a solid 13-pointer destined for a wall in Florida

Okie watching over the boys at their 22cal. target practice

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