Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meat Meat Meat

Chicken Spedini, Beef Filet, Beef Ribeye and Spring Onions from the Tool Shed garden.

Fresh Morels

Took a trip to McGonigles last evening to pick up some meat to grill. If you're a KC area resident and haven't visited the place, do yourself a favor and get there soon !! I've been a customer for 10 years and the place gets better all the time.

Great people, experienced butchers and fish mongers in addition to a killer deli for quick fresh stuff. Smokers are always going so you can walk up and purchase all kinds of BBQ meat. All kinds of bones availalbe for stocks, etc... Shatto dairy products, nothing like fresh milk from a glass jar (for you non-militant Paleo types).

Recieved a big surprise when I returned home to find neighbor boy Stephen and his crew rounded up some fresh morels !! He was kind enough to share and I knew spring was definately here. The big one measured 7". Eat Time.

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