Monday, April 20, 2009

Fire It Up !!

Hard to beat smoked meat and roasted veggies. Sunday afternoon afforded a wonderful opportunity to fire up the Weber and get after it. Still have Old Mexico on the mind so I smoked some chicken thighs and pork loin and stewed in their own juices slowly in the oven.

Roasted veggies and peepers for 2 different salsas along with Poblno's that I stuffed with a chicken mixture. Lil shot of Patron to wash it down,'s Sunday after all. Recipes will be featured on our upcoming Bootcamp Nutrtition blog...stay tuned. - RP


Anonymous said...

You need to write for Cook's Illustrated, or Bon Appetit' or Cuisine.

RP said...

Like it !! Until then, we'll direct them to the new Bootcamp Fitness Nutrition blog !! Due out May 1st.