Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snack Time

The incredible edible EGG !! Snack Time !!

I've been quietly observing trends taking place in the break room kitchen down on Booth. It's a weekly occurance at the salt mine that one our valued vendors drops a load of fresh doughnuts. Cream filled, chocolate icing, long johns, double glazed, etc... It's understandable to see wide-eyed excitement across the faces of folks anxious to jump in head first, those puppies looks tasty !!
Although recently, I've been happy to see the fat rings are disappearing a little slower every week. Troops are opting for something a little more nutritious and realizing the after effects are much less severe when you're snacking on hardboiled eggs and macadamia nuts. The fridge is quickly becoming home to fresh veggies, tuna, eggs and the green tea is getting snapped up much quicker than the sugar filled Swiss Miss. Granted it may be a while before the vending machine guy replaces dorritos with avocados but nonetheless....progress is being made.

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