Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rut's Favorite Day

Coach Rut touts Thursday as the "best day of the week" and in typical Rutman fashion, the WOD was delivered courtesy of the Pain Train this morning. 0600 crew was introduced to the Burpee version of Last Man Standing... 1st minute / 1 burpee...2nd minute / 2 burpee... you get the picutre, continue until you can't answer the bell for the next 1 minute segment then upstairs for Part 2 which was no joke in itself. 15 mins and 120 burpess later, this cowboy was baked.

Congrats to Palmer, KS native son for pulling home a very impressive podium finish. Stunk is bringing the heat lately.

From the what's new department: Robb Wolf has a fresh look on his blog. Check it out and see the Birthday wish to Mr. Darwin, great picture up there.
Just yesterday, I was having a conversation with another coach about mid-afternoon energy slumps and sure enough as I was rolling thru the blogs this morning I see Mark over at the Apple has a great post on the subject. Needless to say...nutrition, sleep, activity will help eliminate the major cases but if you're still draggin arse, he has some good tips.

The mid-afternoon nap is an elusive creature but unbelievable in terms of renewed focus, energy, etc... If the nap is out of reach, at least shoot for a couple minutes of relaxation with eyes closed. Focus on slower breathing and eliminating any outside thoughts. Your brain processing and heart rate will slow which can provide big benefits in a short amount of time.


Bill said...

For my mid-afternoon slump I just gaze at the stock market graph and slowly drift along with it into oblivion, where I hope to find all my missing investment money. Seriously though, nothing snaps one out of a slump and into the present like burpees. Yay, Burpees!!

RP said...

I just hit the slump at 1700 hrs and busted out a few pushups. Much better now. RP