Monday, November 17, 2008

GSB Deer Camp 2008

Hezzy, RP, DP

Possum Walk provided us with the best weekend since 2002. We had 5 bucks plugged by noon on Sunday along with a couple of the opposite gender for the freezer.

I cold missed a huge 10-pointer on Saturday evening, Buck Fever got the best of me so we'll keep that story short...still a little steamed. Went back out Sunday morning and setup on Hickory Ridge in a ground stand overlooking an open pasture on the east, leading down to a pond, oak timber to the south and a blackberry and locust thicket to the west. I've taken 4 bucks from the same area in the past. The activity was busy before sunrise with some smaller bucks and does working the thickets and oak timber. At 8:15 I had my attention focused on some does passing 30 yards to the west when I looked back to the south and saw 2 nice identical 8-pointers each herding a doe about 100 yards out. Coming north from the oak timber they were straight downwind of me but considering where their noses were stuck, they weren't gonna wind me. So similar in size, I scoped them both to determine the shooter and picked out a spot 20-30 yards ahead of him and waited until he filled the scope. He stopped to check a scrape and the ol' Savage 99 in 308 cal. blasted out a 168 grain ballistic tip Winchester that found his boiler room.

Got redemption from that episode the night before with this dude, he was corn fed and rutted up with a neck almost the size of his chest. Field dressed at 220 lbs. which qualifies as a new PR for me.

Props to 11 yr old GSB in training, Grant Gibson from the Tulsa Branch. He took his first buck on Saturday morning and followed it up by bagging a doe with a sharp shooting 160 yard strike Sunday afternoon.

220 lbs vs. 180 lbs

Grant, Allen, Adkin, DP, Alec, Hezzy, Kunky, Tanner, RP, Andrew


jenny said...

GSB....Gas Sucking Behemoths??

RP said...

Another good guess but still not correct. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours !! RP