Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Across The Pond

T-minus 20 days and counting until we go wheels up for the old country. Trip will consist of 8 good friends playing 11 rounds of golf over 9 days, drinking our share of Guinness and creating memories to last a life time.

In order to obtain tee times at high demand courses, we started the planning in July 2007 and had the deal locked down by mid-September. Golf International based in NYC was our agent of choice based on recommendations from fellow GSB's that've been on similar trips. Below is a quick view of our intinerary. Promise to bring back many pics and vid's to share.

Depart US

Arrive Shannon / Play Old Head
Play Old Head / Drive to Killarney
Play Tralee (36 holes)
Play Waterville
Play Ring of Kerry / Drive to Ballybunnion
Play Ballybunnion Old Course
Play Ballybunnion Cashen Course / Drive to Lahinch
Play Doonbeg
Play Lahinch Old Course (36 holes)
Depart Shannon


jenny said...

gsb.... golf store buddies?

RP said...

another good guess but...not it. sorry. off to vegas, see ya wednesday morning if you're bootcamping it.

matty g said...


Damn. That's the Michael Phelps of mancations. Splitting tees here but I would've doubled up at Tralee as opposed to Old Head. Expect good views but high winds and high scores at Old Head. And I'm told the owner has distanced himself from the locals - which you never like to hear. Especially because all Irish people, especially "locals," are cool. You'll know if you hit a pub late night and get involved in their version of karaoke.

Curious to hear your ranking when you get back. A final day 36 at Lahinch is like a Padraig Harrington finish in a major.

Hit fairways and greens - the game's easier that way. Not that I'd know.

I'm sorry I won't be over there to tell your story - but maybe next year.


PS - The 18th at Ballybunion's Old Course should be put to sleep for eternity.

RP said...

I've read about the situation at Old Head and sounds like the locals have a legit complaint. I'm sure 1 round would've satisfied our curiosity but at least it's the first stop and it only gets better from then on.

I'm looking forward to hanging with the locals almost as much as the golf. I wanna soak up all the culture (and Guinness) we can.

Just read the latest issue, good stuff from you and the travel guys.

Coach Rut said...

Expect good views but high winds and high scores at Old Head....

Now that gets a golfer nervous. I hoped to keep my triple digit cards to a minimum.

Matt, how could you turn down free GUINNESS for a week to stay in the states during our tour?

matty g said...


(Believe me) It pains me to pass on meeting up on a trip like the one you guys are taking (even if your itinerary includes 36 at Old Head). I'm actually headed west to San Diego, back to the Greenbrier and then on to Orlando. You guys have safe travels. Navigate those roads with a keen eye and lightning quick reflexes. And polish off those pints as though the mother source of suds will soon run dry.


Coach Rut said...

One last question Matt, 4 iron or 4hybrid across the pond?

I pure that hybrid better but as a result she gets airborne.

mattyg said...


General advice: Anything with loft should stay home. Leave behind everything south of a seven-iron. They're a waste of space.

I'm exaggerating for effect, obviously, but you'll use clubs and hit shots over there you've never met before. You'll need the low shot with no spin right or left. Easy to type, hard to execute (Tiger always says to hit it low, you have to finish low). To answer your question, it sounds like downwind you hit hybrid. Into the wind, cold-top that four-iron and run it up on the hard, fast green. Your short game will be as important as it is at Pinehurst No. 2. The first thing you should pack is the bump-and-run.

Good luck and say hello to my favorites, Lahinch and Tralee. (You haven't lived until you've hit the approach shot at Tralee's 12th hole).


Coach Rut said...

Thanks Matt!---

I'll be the guy with short hair on the range this week grooving driver off the deck and collecting nubs for my worm burner tee shots.

Guess I didn't need to re grip that lob wedge last week.