Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GSB Summer BBQ Crawl Ver 1.0 Grease House

Watched a BBQ special on the Food Network last night and got me thinking about all the good joints here in town we don't frequent enough and some spots I've never tried. GSB Tim(P-Burg Chapter) and I decided to venture off our all to patterned lunch trail and start hitting the BBQ shacks. Fries are the defacto side dish for KC area BBQ and although they don't really fit into my current eat time regimen, you can't truly enjoy without so I employ the "everything in moderation" motto. As for the meat...more the better.

It's been a year since I've made the trek down Brooklyn way to visit Arthur Bryants. I end up asking myself after every trip why it takes so long to get back. The biggest surprise was showing up at 11:40 and seeing only 5 people in line. All joints have their quirks when it comes to ordering and at Bryants you better know what you want and if you're eating in or walkin. For those eating in, pick up a plate and hand it to the gentleman behind the window and they'll set you up. For those walkin, your entire order and I mean entire... meat, fries, pickles, sauce is wrapped in red wax paper.

I went for the beef and fries, a huge 1/2 lb serving of perfectly smoked beef brisket piled on a small slice of white bread that's really just an afterthought when you see the meat portion. The brisket is a perfect combination of juciy meat intertwined with fat and smoke, exactly how it should be. Don't be a "fat snob" rollin up asking for "lean cuts, please"... if you want something lean, get deli meat from your grocery. This is true BBQ the way it should be. Get a strawberry soda to wash it down and head for a table. Note of caution for first timers, tread lightly on the tile floor and don't be alarmed, they didn't spill something, it's grease that seeps from the floors, walls and of course, fries. That's why they taste sooo good and Mr. Bryant didn't nickname the place "Grease House" for nuttin. Enjoy !!


jenny said...

Oh man - that place dosen't need anything fancier than than the old metal tables and folding chairs - it's the best BBQ in the world!
.... did I say I was giving up on red meat?? - I may have to rethink that whole thing.... it's just a phase - yeah, thats the ticket!

RP said...

giving up red meat....we'll have to agree to disagree on that one JWC !!

Coach Rut said...

My first visit to A.B.'s was in the early 80's. (RP still in three corner pants) Watched the head chef (using that the term loosely) dropped a side of beef square on the deck. Without blinking once, he stabbed it again and tossed on the carving table. Never tasted anything so good.