Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Got Protien?

During a recent impromptu GSB gathering, the topic of red meat v. other protien sources came up. As to be expected, there were the die-hard fans on both sides of the fence, red meat lovers and red meat haters. I live by the philosophy "everything in moderation (with the exception of golf)".

All my meals contain protien and veggies but a typical weekly rota for dinner around the Tool Shed consists of 3 nights/chicken 2 nights/red meat 2 nights/fish. I always make extra so breakfast the next morning is simple. Saute up leftover meat, add fresh veggies and throw some eggs on top, perfect Breakfast Scramble in 10 mins.

I overheard Coach Rut earlier this week that 1 in 10 kids has a quality breakfast. When you combine that with school menus I was reading this week, no wonder they fall asleep with their heads on their desks.

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