Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where Does Your Food Come From?

I feel quite blessed to have not only the desire but also access to resources to stock my freezer with wild game, locally raised meat, self grown veggies, etc... Growing up hunting and fishing it seems like second nature but even for those less experienced, it's easy to get involved and begin the process of feeding yourself from sustainable, low impact, quality sources. When the cold box is running low or I feel like something different, there are other options. Over the last few years, the local grocery has expanded their offerings under the Good Natured Family Farms CSA. They team with local farms to offer almost any whole product you can imagine.

One of our students this morning said they needed to get home and whip up some bacon and eggs for the kids prior to their first day back after spring break. Hearing things like that is music to my ears. Dump that sugar spiked cereal and pop-tart routine, it's garbage. These kids need real food from real sources.

Check out the link courtesy of NYC CrossFit Box. Butchers doing it the right way. Definately on my list for the next big apple trip.

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