Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get Some Fitness

Procrastination is one of my more practiced habits albeit not something I'm proud of. Getting my rear in gear concerning personal health and fitness had been something I put off way too long. I'm sure like many others, I always thought tomorrow will be the day, or when the weather warms up, or after I lose a couple pounds... there were plenty of excuses and that's exactly what they are... excuses.

During a round last summer with a good friend, I made a comment about his improved posture, attitude and stamina. He filled me on this new morning Bootcamp workout he was attending and how it had changed his views on fitness and traditional workout routines. A few weeks later I had the great fortune to meet this "Bootcamp" guy, Coach Rut on the golf course which is one of few places where a persons true colors shine through. I inquired about the program and expressed some interest in attending although I fell back into the old excuse routine.

I found it interesting at no time after our initial conversation did Coach Rut inquire if I was still interested?, when was I going to start?, etc... Then I realized, he wasn't in the business of recruiting people, he was in the business of helping people. You ultimately are the one who has to make the decision to get it done. Family and friends may show their support but you're the one getting up at 0500 hours to get your game face on and ready for the next fanny waxin coming your way.

It's been 6 months since that first Bootcamp WOD and it's hard to explain in words how my life has changed. I didn't set specific goals because I trusted they would come with hard work and they have; 15lbs less and 2 inches of my waist was great but the real beneifts are an energy level explosion enabling me to get way more productivity out of each day. A whole new outlook on how food drives so many aspects of your life. A more postive, accepting outlook on family, friends, work. And most of all... an appreciation of not only what it means to be healthy but to live healthy.

When the day begins with beating the alarm clock to the punch and jumping out of bed ready for Bootcamp, I know I'm on the right track. RP

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