Monday, November 12, 2007

No luck thus far...

'07 season is off to a slow start... at least the deer portion. I did have my own little version of Animal Kingdom. Saturday evening's hunt was full of action with the rut heating up, bucks and does were doing their traditional cat and mouse games all around my position deep in the timber. I was fortunate to see the culmination of the mating process which for those unaware is quite rare to witness first hand.

I finished the day with a very close how-do session with a resident opposum. He made it clear, it was time for me to turn over the timber to the night time party.

Sunday's weather was very warm and action was slow until sundown, I found myself in a 12ft triangle showdown of no-blink with a yearling doe and 2 raccoons. For what seemed like 5 mins, I was looking at her, she was looking at me, the coons were looking at us both and around the triangle we went.

Hezzy bagged a nice little 8-pointer but Kunky, D-Luv, Okie and I were shut-out. We'll be back this week for another round.

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